Will send Lady Carson’s Fund a sub. from Battalion funds. They are evidently doing good work. M’Calmont writes me that a working party of 2nd Irish Guards have found Townsend’s body and buried it. Very warm today. Was round at 5.00 a.m. and again with Charlie at 11.00 a.m. They put over T.M.’s [trench mortars] in large numbers yesterday p.m., about 50, and many 4.2 shrapnel. No damage done luckily, but the ground shook and the noise was bad. We retaliated with Hows [howitzers]; M.G. fire severe last night; two men of a ration carrying party, M’Commick and Corden [sic], both ‘B’ Coy., wounded by M.G. Former is a gallant old bird, father of 10! They’ve begun the afternoon’s performance with T.M.’s but not severe so far. I am in hopes Padre will get leave as a special case, to see his father, who is 94.

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