Relief finished by midnight. Downs had a man killed by M.G. fire while going out, and 12th a man wounded coming in. We relieved 13th, and 12th relieved 11th [Royal Irish Rifles] The Division is full of Majors waiting for commands. Well here we are in Stinking Farm, quite the worst we’ve struck, small, smelly and unhealthy. Today is muggy and damp, and we are all feeling slack and cross. Four beds in three places which I think were pig-styes when the farm was a going concern. I wandered round the trenches at 4.00 a.m. and again at 11.00, and am weary, and hot, and slack. The flies are very bad here. There is such heaps to be done, both from the defensive and the comfort (sanitary) point of view, one doesn’t know where to begin. I find that moving one from one bit of line to another, like we have done from last tour to this, is apt to knock the go and keenness out of one, certainly at my age. Then the flood of memos fired at one, all wanting an immediate answer. They trench mortar the front line every 4.00 p.m. They haven’t begun today, have taken precaution of moving nearly every one back from trenches they usually strafe. A gunner [has] come to discuss some defence scheme.

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