Charlie came and wandered about and kept me for two hours. Cannot find a Bde. Major. I suggested George Bruce; says if he has to take one from the Div. he will take him. They have found me a nice billet in the village, a little way off, but if rain comes on this camp will be very bad. Hooper is now moving my kit. The billet is owned by a dear old woman. Such a nice tidy kitchen garden. Berry has just got orders to attend a course in the X Corps, preparatory to appointment as D.A.D.M.S. [Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services] I fear he will not return to us. I’m awfully sorry he’s going, but he’s done splendid as Reg. M.O. [Medical Officer] in the trenches, and has earned a cushy job. Mrs. B. will be pleased. My kit has grown fearfully. Hooper suggests I have three fat packages besides bed and chair. Awful excitement because we dug sanitary arrangements in an old woman’s orchard, which happened to be grazing ground. You might think from the fuss that the Huns had broken through.

9:30 p.m. Here I am cosily settled in my new abode. Great comfort to get back to a table. One is curiously lost without this article of furniture. Stronge is getting restless again. I’m sure he wants to go to the R.F.C. It is very peaceable here; a little off the main street, and the window looking away from it on to a nice tidy garden. Very pleasant to have some privacy again. This training is going to be rather strenuous. They want us to work on Sundays, but I’m jibbing. We are practicing the attack from trenches—a flood of literature on the subject to be assimilated; all the Generals with different ideas. On the march here yesterday I met a bus load of Gunners—Tilney, Stirling, and others, going toward the line. I don’t know what for. Shall try and get over to see 1st Battalion tomorrow.

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