Had a long morning practicing the attacks and doing some drill. Cold hail shower came on during the entertainment. As the men were in shirt sleeves, fearing great heat, they felt cold. I have written today for Shill. to be sent out. We are playing 1st Battalion at football at 4.00 p.m. Their fifes and drums have already turned up. We beat 1st Battalion yesterday 2 goals to love. Bad ground. A good many came over and their drums discoursed music to us. Rather harrying day, what with training schemes, which alter from day to day; a statement from Charlie re attack, which lasted, with arguments, from 12.30-2.30 p.m.; then a re-allotment of huts, as we have to turn out of one; then inoculation for about 100 men and about 12 officers, which upset schemes as they may not be touched for about 48 hours, so that wants re-arranging. Got very cloudy and looks like rain, cooler. Sgt. Hughes, from 1st Battalion, came to see me yesterday. Wants to be transferred to us. We are close to Div. H.Q., only 1½ miles.

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