Lieutenant J E Gibson

Lieutenant J E Gibson

4.00 p.m. Got in here—Varennes—about 1 p.m. Small huts, absolutely without any equipment; luckily I have my bed and chair, and the day is lovely. Water scarce. Cooking arrangements primitive; rather crowded. Pratt, Padre, Cather and I in a small hut—no tables or chairs. A regular return to camp life, which will be healthy, though not so comfortable as billets. 16 casualties yesterday altogether. Padre went to see the wounded today. Very hot on the march. Men felt their packs, which they hadn’t carried for so long. Fergie, and indeed everyone, working hard. We shall soon have the place comfortable, I believe. The huts are roofed with sacking which I fear will not keep out the rain. Road very congested with all sorts of troops moving in relief. Saw Bull en route, grousing at his accommodation, which seems very similar to ours, in a neighboring village. Young Gibson is all right, though his head is still bound up.

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