Had quite a pleasant dinner last night. Sat between the Primate and Russell; latter very interesting about Germany. He’s a son of Lord Odo Russell, who was Ambassador in Berlin after ’70; he was born in Berlin and spent the first eight years of his life there. He says October year for the end of the war, but of course, knows no more than any of us. We are to go over to Brigade H.Q. (C.O.’s I mean) and say farewell to Cavan. He’s a dear little man. I’m awfully sorry we lose him. One of the new officers joined today—Wood—private in H.A.C. [Honourable Artillery Company] Came out in January, 1915, and was in trenches till October. Should be a useful sort. Wears glasses, and was secretary to newspaper editor in London before war. He was just here for lunch and I pushed him on to Ensor, and ‘A’ Coy. Think he’ll do all right.

Great footer match with Downs this p.m. Last game a draw. Fergie has been coaching the team all week. Result—1-0 in our favour. Enormous concourse attended, including all officers of both battalions. Much excitement. I gather 10 days will be the earliest date of our move to the line. February 7 has been mentioned, but I don’t think any date is exactly fixed. Primate went to Pulteney today, and then home.

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