Only time for a hurried scrap as we are off tomorrow, and I don’t know where. Went over to say farewell to Cavan who is a dear, and the orders were just in that we move on February 7th. I returned here for lunch, and about 3:30 p.m. orders came in for us to move tomorrow, about 8 miles. Then where, I don’t know. Such a business getting ready; heaps of stuff to be left behind; waggons, ammunition, &c., to be packed. ‘A’ Company, 8 miles away, to be told. Billets to be paid. Claims to be settled &c. Fergie, of course, splendid. Parties to be left behind to take care of stores; parties to be sent on to arrange for billeting, countless returns due tomorrow must be sent off at once. On the move Orderly Room work ceases. Rations to be arranged for everyone, those going and those staying; thick fog all day, cold and raw.

French have got some trenches at a village further south. Will write when I can, so as to be ready to post if I get an opportunity. There is still leakage at the Admiralty, I hear. A long thing came in about extreme discretion in writing home.

Sunday Night

A little more information came through. We go by our old route to village, but in two marches, then to some place on Wednesday, and into trench line on Thursday. I imagine where we were before. We and 13th [Royal Irish Rifles] go in; 11th and 12th [Royal Irish Rifles] in Reserve.

Am leaving lots of Q.M. [Quartermaster] stores here, and some of my own kit. Am sorry to leave this place, as we are very cosy here, with our two rooms. We’ve had two months slacking. I fancy our turn for the trenches will not come very often. Where we shall go when out, I don’t know. Anyway, a life of movement I expect for some time. It must have been a very sudden change of Orders, as C_____ [Cavan] didn’t know when he bid us farewell at noon.

It’s a very ‘Kushie’ part of the line, and after all it’s what we are here for, and the men are delighted to be going. They are sick of this fooling about. Messages and conundrums of all sorts arriving every minute.

11:14 p.m.

Opened this to say orders have just come in cancelling move. Weird people! Of course it’s quite on the cards we’re ordered to move again.

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