Waiting at the Field Day I had a long chat with Cavan. We leave XIV Corps and join another, I don’t know number (XVII) with 46th Division and 56th, I think. Cavan and Guards and two other Divisions (6th and 20th) form XIV Corps and go north of Ypres.

Anderson (T.W.’s brother) to command our Corps. Nice fellow. We do go into the line in about 10 days, February 7th they say, from here, relieving the 4th Division who come out for a rest. The actual Field Day was dull. The Primate and J.S. there. A story of a shrapnel somewhere near the P_____ [Primate] expect they’ll make the most of it. I dine there tonight—a nuisance. G.S.O.3 is the bottlewasher and doer of odd jobs, junior of Div. Staff. From Sunday I command the Brigade, and during the move S wants me to come and live with him at H.Q. I don’t particularly want to, but may find I can’t do it from here. Remember when we are in the line all posts become upset. I hear no more Field Days, thank goodness! We are only taking over one Brigade Front. One Brigade will be resting always, so we shall get a good deal more resting as usually its one in, one out.

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