Fine a.m.; wild wet p.m. Griffith, the new Brigadier (was in the Bedfordshires) came to see us. Interior economy for same are to take the place of all training, is the latest order! Our arrangement for men’s baths caused an amusing episode—two men had to dig a large hole for pit for bath water, in the kitchen garden. Marguerite, the caretaker, came in tears after lunch, at the idea of the soldiers bathing in this hole and running wild and naked through Madame’s vegetables! We calmed her and gave her 5 francs. She spoke so fast it was hard to make out at what she was alarmed at first. I thought she meant the hole was damaging her garden; finally I gathered what she was driving at, but not before the flock of us—Pratt, Padre, Fergie, Berry, Stronge, Cather and self had adjourned to the kitchen garden.

The interpreter only remained a week. Much happier without one.

Only just back from Gen. C.M. [General Court Martial] 6:45, and have to go again tomorrow. Evelyn Woods’ son, who was on the stage, appeared as the prisoner’s friend. He is now a Gunner Captain. Saw Ricardo and Hessey.

The Colonial Dr. was acquitted. Five brothers serving, and had paid his own passage back from Jo’burg, where he was living since the S.A. [South African] war. An Australian. At the end he said “I was always told a Military Court Martial was absolutely fair. Now I know it.” So we may have done a good day’s work Imperially. Rumours of a move and possibly into another army.

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