Captain H W Seton

Captain H W Seton

Adjutant went off this morning at 9:30 a.m. He was very broke at leaving and I was quite lumpy myself. He has been such a companion. I shall miss him fearfully. I trust the good work he had done in the Battalion will live on. I gave him a chit to the Indian Office, and have published a farewell Order. A G.C.M. [General Court Martial] this a.m.

We are very busy starting Battalion baths, washing places, and drying rooms and mending rooms, regular laundry. Everything having to be improvised. Fergie hard at it. We have got a Belgian couple to come out and run a coffee bar for the men three times a week to start with, and if a success every day. In all these shows Fergie is simply invaluable.

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