Been on C.M. [Court Martial] all a.m. and just back. Temporarily I am beginning a new service for officers’ letters. Wet, pouring again. Still rumours of a move soon. Fergie in bed today. Had neuralgia and looking seedy. Am disturbed about him. No report yet from General about trench work. Don’t send out any more things yet; if we move we leave tons behind as it is. We are really very comfy here indeed as regards billets, etc. Don’t want any more food.

It never ceased raining all day. Such a deluge. The new long trench boots and trench coat kept me quite dry, riding four miles to six miles. Am trying a route march again tomorrow, if the weather is only fine. Various small things seem to point to a big move being on the tapis. Fergie better this evening. They’ve suddenly sent us an interpreter today. Seems like a quiet sort of bloke, but strangely ugly. We have done very well for six weeks without one. ‘Strafe’ is the great word out here, also ‘stunt’ for any sort of show—American, I believe. The regulars are only Militia with men of about six months service. All their N.C.O.’s and Officers gone, that’s why their discipline is bad. Yes, ours is quite good now. The N.C.O.’s are our weak point. No chance of getting a Regular Adjutant. Cather is doing quite well. We are the first Division to go into the Line, if they move any out for a rest, as already they have the 7th, in we go and I fancy we shall go soon.

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