Frosty night, sunny morning, now turned cloudy, and looks like a thaw. Duke returned yesterday very weary after an awful 12 hour railway, with no food, and very cold. Great excitement yesterday about tea time. A Hun ‘plane, evidently winged, came over here quite low (150 ft.), went towards our front line, was heavily fired at, swerved and ultimately came down about a mile south of this in our lines—‘plane and aviator captured. Went round the line this a.m. Met G. Bruce and others. Gen. Nugent has a heavy cold and is in bed. Had a chat with Padre and several Coy. Commanders. Took Percy ‘le’ interpreter with me and chatted French to him between whiles; he is such a nice little fellow, and such a little gentleman. Found Bob Maxwell in; he’s got a cough and cold. Food will be very scarce even after the war. Have plenty of potatoes put in.

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