Another gloriously sunny day after a sharp frost. Witheycombe has done very well and should get a Division. Campbell was in 8th R.I.R., [Royal Irish Rifles] was a Sergt. in 18th Royal Irish [18th (County of London) Battalion, the London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)], is bottle washer to Staff Captain. Great bombardment from our guns between 6.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. last evening. Bosche retaliated a bit, causing a few casualties in Downs. [13th Royal Irish Rifles] They lost an officer, Dewar, the night before. Another of their officers, Apperson, did splendidly the night before. He met five Bosche in the trench, when he was alone. He shot three with his revolver, and the others ran, after knocking him senseless. However, he came to in a few minutes, and is none the worse. Didn’t go down the line this morning, but visited one of the reserve Coys, ‘D,’ under Given, who are in a farm and quite comfy. My French is improving with the daily talks.

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