Such a foggy morning after a frost. We got in safely last night quite early. No. 7 Ravine was not our ravine. It was opposite us when we were in the other bit. I think the redoubt mentioned was one we didn’t know of. They apparently took Beaucourt Redoubt fairly easily. Holt has built an open fire place here, in which we can burn wood, and get up great warmth. It smokes a little, but is a great boon. Yes, the Naval Division attacked over the very ground we and the 12th were allotted.

9.45 p.m. The fog never lifted all day, and we did some good work, wiring, etc. Trenches very messy and crumbly. I was up to my knees in muddy slime in some parts, gum boots the only foot wear possible. The Padre and a plumber we have lately discovered in the ranks have remedied the flue of the open fireplace here, and it is splendid tonight. No smoke, and a great heat. Bosche put over a few oil cans [trench mortars] about 7.30 a.m.

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