Here I am at Div. H.Q. Very comfy chateau on a hill, with a lovely view for miles. They sent a car, and after 10 mile drive got here for lunch. Gen. and all his staff very affable. Somerset Saunderson has taken Farnham’s place. The relief went off all right, one man in transport slightly wounded; tin hat saved his life. Was in bed at 2.00 a.m. Padre goes off on a fortnight’s leave tonight. The King did not decorate any of them, alas! but spoke to them all. We are now in a new Corps, the IX. I believe Hamilton-Gordon commands. The peace and quiet of this place is very resting, and the change very pleasant. All are very nice about the little show of ours. Shuter, whom I saw this a.m. was delightful. I spoke to D.M. about Shill being made 2nd in Command, so I hope that’s all right. The Corps have been harrying the Div. for a prisoner to find out who are opposite us, and of course all Battalions were being worried about it. Consequently the feeling of relief and thankfulness from the Div. to the C.O.s is enormous. Am sending Godson’s name for M.C. and Corpl. Clements’ for D.C.M., and I think I have ensured their being favourably considered here. They have a Div. band here which plays daily. Two anxious nights in succession have given me a head. I’m all right if I get my sleep regular.


For his gallantry during the ambush, Corporal Clements was awarded the Military Medal.

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