Pak’ has gone home with neurasthenia. Had such a peaceful day. I lay out in the hay in the shade, and listened to the wood pigeons. After a 9.00 a.m. breakfast I read the ‘Times’ and then went and inspected the two offices—‘G’ branch with Place and Bruce, and then ‘Q’ with Singleton, and put forward various suggestions and views, which were received in a most friendly spirit. The Gen. went off to the trench line about 9.30 a.m. and is only just back. I must say he’s more than kind and thoughtful, and insists on my doing exactly what I like, always ready to chat and discuss men and affairs. A heavy shower from 1—3.00 p.m. Sun come out again now, but everything moist and sticky. So like home. A most comfy bed and a peaceful rest night and day—a lovely view from my window for miles, as far as you can see a constant stream of Verey lights going up and showing the front line; very wonderful effect at night. Appleton, the Asst. Provost Marshal, was bitten today by a mad dog, and has gone to Paris for Pasteur treatment. Can’t think that leave will be re-opened till Nov. The Push must finish by end of Sept., and then I fancy leave will be re-opened. I hear the French don’t like our going on leave during the Push. Hooper is here with me, and enjoying the change. There is a large bath here! Electric light! Betsy Jane very well, but hates the flies and the heat. Cooler and cloudy today, but no rain. Showers yesterday. No sign of our men from the Rifles yet. Am stirring here about it. I see Holt pretty often. Don’t think our other H.Q. will be ready for some time. S.F. is improved, and will do as long as fine weather lasts. The new one is so far from our front line, though no further from Bosche line on our left.

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