Lieutenant W J Menaul, later in the war

Lieutenant W J Menaul, later in the war

Lovely warm day, but still frosty. Had great inspection of Transport; horses and men looking very well. Corps Commander Morland came today and sent for C.O.s to make their acquaintance. Very pleasant, recalled Aldershot days, when he was attached to ‘I’ Battery. Very sound soldier—knows Nugent, as he was in 60th. We had a poor Barossa celebration, everyone being on the move and upset. General (Div.) ordered a heavy strafe by our artillery on Hun transport at 6:30 p.m. No use, as they retaliate on ours and make things unpleasant for the fighting troops, and increases discomforts in front line. Atkinson has to take over a very bad bit tomorrow night. No dug-outs for officers. Very limited for men. Trenches knee deep in slush; its rather hard. The men have done splendid work on the trenches. Thanks goodness this is only for three days. Pratt’s name has not gone in for Div. School, so I hope I shall not lose him, though I know it’s only a matter of time. Menaul has gone map making in the neighbourhood, and is doing Intelligence Officer for the Battalion, and training scouts. Still lives with us, but is struck off trench duty. The amount of paper that is launched at one every day is remarkable, and most of it contradictory of some former order, so you don’t know where you stand. Though the frost and snow is hateful the fine sunny days are delightful.

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