Another frost, hard and black, and cold. Here I am in the line again and quite comfy. Quite a decent dug-out, long and narrow, with a partition off for my part, containing bed and small table, and much easier, of course, than usual. I came in with Berry about 3:30 p.m. Rode to within a mile and only had about 1,000 yards of communication trench. Hooper and kit were here before me. Had tea and wandered off round the line. The bit we have been in since Saturday is wonderfully clean; they must have all worked hard. Where it was over knee deep in water and slush, quite clean—that is main artery and fire trench. Of course, side trenches and accessories still bad. But the new bit ‘B’ Coy, has taken over today is awful—18ins. deep everywhere, except where it is three feet deep! Few and bad dug-outs, but they are quite cheery.

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