Went with Smyth to Div H.Q. The muddle was due to some bad staff work between VII Corps and 3rd Army. We shall move Wednesday or Thursday I think.

Don’t want any more kit. Am sending a parcel of towels and socks home. Looks like a frost. Am bringing in ‘A’ Company this p.m. Bad Zep [Zeppelin] raid on Paris. Rivy was in A____s [Amiens] yesterday, and said there was one about, and they had to douse all motor lights. Am writing Seton. He’s lucky not to be in Persian Gulf. I fear both these Forces are in a bad way. Am getting a wristlet identity disc. I can’t think why you are so keen on them. Berry and the Padre walked to Div. School this p.m. All they have done so far is recruits drill! They are as sick as dogs. It will make them appreciate the Battalion. It is ridiculous to keep them fooling there while the Battalion goes short of officers in the trenches. Of course, they can’t find good instructors.

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