We are in the region we desired; 20 miles in rear; a wearisome night journey, detraining at 3.00 am, in dark; 8 mile march and into billets. Not very wonderful for the men. Somewhat dirty barns. We are in Curé’s house, quite all right; men a bit tired after three disturbed nights, ‘Downs’ here, others about 3 miles away. Robin FitzRoy came to see me where we disembarked at Rest Camp. In charge of an anti-aircraft gun. Everything very tumbled down and dilapidated here owing to men all away for the last 13 months. Germans once came within a mile of the place.

Mrs Sidney Pitt

Mrs Sidney Pitt

The Curé has a Panhard car, iron tyres, going well, which he has had since 1891! He’s rather a nice old thing, most obliging and kind. Weather warm and nice. I went with Fergie to settle about billets, etc. No interpreter at present, and no one else who could speak the language. Fergie hard at work. At port of disembarkation he picked up a machine gun, and heaps of odds and ends. All well and fit, including myself. A Mrs. and Miss Sydney Pitt provided tea at the station for the men and officers, at 2d a head; both rather amusing and pleasant. All came in one long train of 46 coaches.

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