[Le Havre.]

Believe we have about 20 hours in train tomorrow. All fit and well. We disembarked at 7.00 am, having spent Sunday in Southampton Dock. Came to rest camp, about two miles from dock—Havre, I believe. We left Southampton at 8.30 pm; small boat; such a pack; barely standing room, 37 officers and 1,340 men. Some of the Royal Artillery came over in our ship. No regulars, except a brigade-major. We were lucky in the weather, sea like glass, no one ill. Fine today, men seem perky. We passed through miles of dock, packed with stores of all sorts. Slept from 9.00 pm to 5.00 am on the sofa. One of the Saunderson’s was Embarking Officer at Southampton. 31 Officers slept in saloon on lower deck, with all ports closed. About 3,000 in this camp, and 100 officers.

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