We came back today some three miles; all the Brigade here. Greatly fear about C.J. We have searched and searched for him, and tonight we search again. We’ve got more information as to when he was seen, but it’s so contradictory. I fear no doubt whatever about ‘At.’, Ensor, Montgomery, Hollywood, and T. and Seggie. Poor Cather. So gallant, he was found shot through the head, quite dead, but the man he went to bring in was brought in by the party looking for Cather. He is a sad loss to the Battalion; he was quite marvellous as an Adjt. I am going to try Menaul. Poor young Moore, badly wounded looking for wounded, like Cather. Alas for the Div.; the finest in France last Friday, and now a skeleton, with its best gone—nothing to show for it. We, the Div., reached out objectives, and owing to the Divisions on our right and left failing we had to fall back. Cruel luck! Our men were mowed down by M.G.

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