There doesn’t appear to be coal available in the country. No one has it. Primate came this a.m. Fine and sunny. Stayed 2½ hours, walking round and seeing men. Fergie presented him with a gas helmet as a souvenir. About 12:45 p.m. scheme for tomorrow’s Field Day came in—in which I am opposed to Bull, he having a convoy, and I to attack it. I had at once to ride out and see the ground, and have my orders in Brigade office by 4.00 p.m. Rather a rush. Berry’s name has been sent in for D.A.D.M.S. so if sanctioned we shall lose him. Last night sanction came for general leave. Pratt and Stronge and two privates go tomorrow, then no one to February 16, when 20 all ranks go, and then none again till March 11. It will take some time to get through the Battalion at the rate of 40 a month. These Field Days every other day, amid other distractions, are an awful nuisance. They don’t teach us anything that will be useful to us in the warfare we shall be doing. Seal pattern old Aldershot Field Days they are. What we want to learn is the attack of trenches, and all the details to be attended to. Repington’s article the other day I thought was excellent. He said he firmly believed the war would be decided on the West [sic] Front, and that it would be trench warfare to the end, and the massing of cavalry to dash through the gaps was rot.

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