Not a word said about barns for dining halls. Went over to the 12th with Pratt. O_____ had gone on there from us, and could talk of nothing but our Laundry! They are going to come over and see it by his directions. Leave doesn’t sound hopeful. 10,000 in trenches been out over a year had none yet. O­­­­_____ also thought the prospect of a push very remote; the French against it. Very costly last night, etc. Don’t suppose he knows anything really. They’ve sent out a man, Findlater, Adjutant of 4th Battalion to Command 1st R.I.F. Rode over this a.m. to see Hessey and Ricardo, about 7 miles away. They are going up to the trench line for their 2nd go next week. Both very chirpy. Padre delighted about footballs. When you go on leave you can take no luggage whatever.

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