Rumour strong here that there is a Rebellion on again in Ireland. If such be the case it will give the Government a grand opportunity to have Nat. Service in Ireland. Fine spring-like day and mild. Much mud about everywhere, and movement very fatiguing. According to latest we retire to back areas shortly. Wandered up the line last night and found everything very quiet, and the morning the same. A busy afternoon, all sorts to settle, and arrange about moves and temporary shifts, etc. I read your ration statement to H.Q. Mess, and they were astounded at the small amount, especially of bread, flour and sugar. We have numerous moves on in the next 10 days, so after Wednesday letters will be scrappy and irregular. I expect much aerial activity on both sides today, as the weather is fine. There is a good deal of wind about in the higher strata.


In February 1917 voluntary food rationing was introduced in the United Kingdom.

Voluntary rationing explained.

Voluntary rationing explained.

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