We have really been lucky in the weather this tour—no rain and only one sunny day, which means shelling, and aerial activity. ‘Percy’ told me this part of France was renowned for its piety. I gather the feeling generally of the French towards religion was much the same as it was in England before the war. The war has made people think more of a future state. Sunny day after a white frost, so everything is messy and greasy. We go outside this p.m. No ‘planes over today; one tried about 10.00 a.m., but was driven back by our Archies [anti-aircraft artillery]. Our snipers have done good work this time. We have silenced the Bosche sniper not a shot from him this time, and outed a lot of Bosches in the front line. Our heavies are booming away preparatory to a bombardment this p.m. Bosche not replying. He has been paying much more attention to our guns and back areas lately than the front line. We’ve done a good deal of work this tour, but not much to show for it.  On one place (elephant for men) we have put 9,000 sand bags, and there are another 20,000 to go on to complete. Have completed a Coy. H.Q. in front line.

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