Foggy early, but now sunny and spring-like, the first day approaching spring weather we have had. Haven’t quite picked up the Battalion life after my long absence. Henahan was only wounded slightly in the head, and remained at duty. Allen was also grazed in the head and remained at duty. Ensor returned today from Army School. Good match yesterday; they beat us five goals to four. Padre gave us a splendid sermon on ‘Temptation’ this morning. Who should look in this evening but Charles Hope. Now a Major in 16th Div. Arty. [See 13 November Letter.] Full of chat, says he is paying £700 a year in death duties for eight years. Askwith, who was Brig-Gen., is now Lieut. Col. again, as they abolished his billet with Cavalry Corps; at present home on sick leave. It’s been a peaceful day, but looks like rain. There have been a good many raids and counter raids on this front, with varying success. Ll. G. made a splendid speech.


The speech referred to by Lieutenant Colonel Blacker was given by Prime Minister Lloyd George in Parliament on 23 February. It dealt with the shortage of food and other imports vital to the war effort, and the measures required to alleviate the problem. See Hansard.

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