Thaw still continues mildly, but mud is prevalent and going very greasy. Went round one of the Batteries this a.m. with Cowan, who is acting in command of the group. Everything very apple pie; men well turned out and in the most comfy dug-outs, all with beds, dining hall, bath room, Sergts’ mess, and a piano. Cowan was Sub. [subaltern] in 43rd Batt’y; came out with 1st Div. Pleasant dinner with 9th last night. Seven of the old lot there—Pratt, Stronge, Fergie, young Shill., Brew, Padre and self. Very good repast, soup, fish, chicken, apple tart and savoury. 9th played 10th Inniskillings yesterday and beat them 9—0. Fergie in excellent form. Sun coming out, much milder.

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