Same weather, but colder if possible. 22 degs. frost at 9.00 a.m. An accident at the Bde. Bombing School yesterday; killed an officer and a corporal; both such good fellows. We shot two of the Bosche patrol last night; they are lying about 50 yards from our wire. Shall try and get them in tonight. They are both dead. Bosche has been very quiet for the past 48 hours, I’m thankful to say. A good many of his ‘planes come over daily, but today is too misty for them.


Those killed in the accident at the bombing school were an N.C.O. of the battalion and the instructor in charge:

17406 Corporal Charles Graham; Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.
Second Lieutenant Alfred Ernest Nicholl, 13th (Service) Battalion, The Royal Irish Rifles (1st County Down); Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.

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