Bitter cold. Such a hard frost last night. Started off at 9.00 a.m. this morn and went round our new line with Brig. 107th; then lunched with him and so home; a very nice fellow. They’ve improved the line enormously, it’s in far better condition than our last bit, and no rivers to contend with, so easier kept right. But on the left is a good deal more strafed by the Bosche. It was a lovely sunny day with a bitter N.E. wind, which cut through one in a car. A pleasant dinner with Wilson last night, with ‘C’ mess of the Corps.


The area visited by Lieutenant Colonel Blacker was the left sub-sector of the Divison’s front opposite Ontario Farm, a large German strong-point on the lower ground west of Messines, and slightly to the north of that held previously by 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers along the River Douve. The battalion headquarters for this sub-sector was at St Quinten Cabaret, about 1,500 yards from the front line trenches and just south of the nearly ruined village of Wulverghem. The Battalion would take over this area in early-February.

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