Went up in a car this morning to see some men of ours, and the 13th, and met Peacock and Shuter. P. had been down to see Ricardo and found him very optimistic. Had seen his Corps Commander, who had been with Haig previous day. Internal conditions of Germany very grave, actual starvation in some country parts very near. All out here seem sanguine the war will end this year. Such a poisonous day; skelping showers and very cold. Comyn came with us, so we had a covered car, which was pleasant. Looked in on 9th, saw Fergie and young Shill, both blooming. Do hope it may be fine for the shift tomorrow. Allen is anxious to go to instruct at Cadet School. Names have been called for. Shall probably let him go. Church Army are putting up a hut at R.L. [Red Lodge], which will be a boon. Peacock, who took over our Bn. H.Q. in the line, said a Bosche shell got our cookhouse and smashed it up, and their Xmas turkey was blown to smithereens. No one hurt.

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