[English Farm. Brigade Headquarters]

On arrival this side we found Gen. Nugent’s own car awaiting us, and so did the journey most comfortably, and got here at 6.00 p.m. after a lunch at Calais—we disembarked there for reasons I cannot explain. Came straight to Bde. H.Q. Nugent went home for 14 days today, and Griffith is commanding Div. Lucky I postponed my journey, as there was no car available yesterday. A lovely crossing and no crowd. Fergie came down after dinner. Shill. in a rest camp, but is much better. Bde. H.Q. move to B_____ [Bailleul] on Sunday to be more central, as two Bns. are near there. G. doesn’t go till 20th, so I suppose I shall command Bde. till Feb 20th. Quite comfy here, two rooms in a hut and a fire. Billets in B­­­_____ [Bailleul].

Bulford Camp and English Farm

Bulford Camp and English Farm

Bulford Camp and English Farm (centre left and centre right of the map, respectively) were located midway between Bailleul and Ploegsteert Wood, south of Neuve Eglise (Nieuwkerke).

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