Rain most of the night and still. River rising. Glad we’re back here. Pratt’s raid on a large scale (200). Great success. Got in, took prisoners, much equipment, maps, papers, etc., and killed many. Wind S.W., warmer.

4.00 p.m. Went all round Front and Support line this a.m., and having an easy time this afternoon. River very high, but if no more rain comes should be going down before morning. It’s still rising, and some of the bridges are flooded, and trenches full of water. The Temporary appointments [promotions] carry the pay with them. There is already a 5th Army, and maybe a 6th. Div. H.Q. were not optimistic about an early end of the war, another year certain, and two possibly. The strafe about men’s washing places effective. When we left the camp pipes were being laid down, a building was being erected, and I hope when we get back all will be well. Yesterday one of our Sergts. shot a carrier pigeon that had settled on our parapet, about 20 yards from him (wonderful good shot). A German cipher message found in a small metal case on its leg, and German marks on its wing. Sent it on to the Corps. I doubt if they will decipher the code, but it proves the existence of a carrier pigeon service. It has not rained today since morning, so I trust the river will be down before the morning. It was very high about 6.00 p.m. Rea, my Assistant Adjt. has got a go of bronchitis, and Ozzard has also pushed off to hospital.

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