The day’s outing was quite a success; fine day. Marched direct to theatre, one hour concert, one hour cinema, and then one hour the men did what they liked, and loved strolling round and looking at shops. I took refuge in one of the Corps’ messes with Wilson and Berry, and had tea. We all fell in at 6.00 p.m. and were home by 7.30 p.m. I got you a handkerchief—it’s Bailleul or Valenciennes lace. We’ve had three different Divs. on our right since 109th left. Don’t quite know when they return. Lovely day but a biting wind. Not looking forward much to new H.Q. in Line. Savage said it was desperate work getting round the line and exhausted him. We’ve had Div. Band to play us on the road yesterday, and playing this a.m., and the men are all the better for their six days’ rest.

10.00 p.m. We got in here all right and are now in the new H.Q.—a long barn with a concrete shell, and pillars down middle. A good deal wants doing to it, but I think we can make it all right. It’s rather vault-like and draughty at present. A cold, frosty night; feels like snow. This day last year we had our first heavy snow fall and the long march. It’s a desperate trek round the front line from here. My abode here is actually larger than the Elephant. Of course it’s very easy on relief night.


The new Battalion Headquarters was at La Plus Douve Farm.

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