A dull day. The whole Battalion marches to B_____ [Bailleul] for a beano—cinema and follies. Wander round town, tea, and home about 8.00 p.m. Rather an effort, but the men will like it. Hope it will keep fine. Cramsie has rejoined the 12th. They are fearfully short of old officers, only about three of the original ones left. 13th and 11th much the same. We, I think, are a little better. C [Cramsie] has been Brigade Intelligence Officer for a year. More R.E. [Royal Engineers] buzzing round this morning laying on the water to ablution room and fixing up overhead cover, etc. A fair move on now. Good news about Beaumont Hamel. Can’t say now how things are doing, but I don’t think any great strategical advantage has been gained. It will take long yet, and England will have to strain every nerve to win a real victory. The danger is a stale-mate, and that gets more possible, I fear, as time goes on. We roughly get three leaves a week! and 214 have not been home yet, of those who came out with us. I told Div. H.Q. it was absurd to strafe R.E. and 16th over the flood.


In the attack launched by 5th Army on 13 November, 51st (Highland) Division captured Beaumont Hamel. On its right flank 63rd (Royal Naval) Division attacked over the ground where 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers and 12th Royal Irish Rifles had suffered so many casualties on 1 July; it succeeded in capturing its objectives, which included Beaucourt Station, the final objective of 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers on 1 July.

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