Got back at 10.30 a.m., in a car. Battalion Parade at 11.00 a.m., quite good, which was marvellous as it was the first we’d had for six months, I think, and I got about 360 men on parade. Lovely day. Things are fairly humming now with regard to washing place, cookers and tables and forms for the Camp. ‘Q.’, R.E. and medicos all buzzing round. I got back from ‘B’ Mess in time to have a chat with Keane. Charlie Hope’s father left £400,000, besides £20,000 a year! Very pleasant dinner; such a nice lot. I enjoyed my week-end. We played 12th at rugger, Saturday 11th, and beat them. They are very sore. A young officer in the Brigade was killed on patrol two nights ago, and another shot through the lungs.

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