I had a long talk with Singleton’s successor, Leslie. Such a nice fellow. Cavalry, and so boyish, but has 16 years’ service. Fixed up various tocks about promotion, etc. Am dining at ‘B’ Mess tonight. Farnham rolled up last night on his way back from leave; going to N.I. Horse.

Fancy, the average daily consumption of ammunition on the Somme since July 1st has been ten thousand tons! I find I can get Shill. appointed 2nd in Command from August 21, and Ensor Temp. Captain from same date, and Given from July 2nd. Quite a nice day. Gen. very affable. Small party here, only two A.D.C.’s, [Aides-de-Camp] G.S.O. 1 and 2, [General Staff Officers Grades 1 & 2.] and Comyn [Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster General]. Very comfy large room and good bed, electric light and bathroom. Had a good strafe on yesterday about men’s washing place at Bulford, and have fairly stirred ‘em all up! I read yesterday’s ‘Times’ at 9.30 p.m. last night. Pretty good. The R.E. and Pioneers were heavily strafed over the flood! Why, I can’t think, I suppose they should have control over the elements. Had my hair cut today by Saunderson’s servant, who was a hairdresser at N. [Northern] Counties Hotel, [Portrush] and is in the 16th Pioneers. Did I tell you potatoes are getting very scarce?

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