[Bulford Camp]

We got back here all right last night, and completed the tour without a casualty again, which was providential. Another lovely day, which is such a blessing the day after we come out. Saw Campbell, the Moyallon [House] groom, today. He is in Transport of 16th [Royal Irish Rifles]. Handed over to Savage at new Bn. H.Q., which is about half a mile further back. Safe, but not comfy at present. Hope they’ll do something to it. It’s a concrete casing inside a brick barn, with concrete pillars down the middle, rather ecclesiastical and cold. It’s divided into three—one dormitory, one living room, and one small bunk at the end for C.O. A 40 minute walk from the front line, which is ­­­­[word removed]. Slept well last night in a comfy bed; quite a nice room. I have the Padre next door, and the others in the huts, about 200 yards off.

Slater from Armagh, Sergt-Major of ‘B’ Coy., has just got his commission; been with us all the time, and a very good fellow. Vennard takes his place as Sergt-Major. Three more names gone in, Espie and Campbell among them.

7.00 p.m. Lovely day, and the men dried, cleaned and refitted. Rode out for an hour on Betsy Jane, who has been clipped and looks very smart. Went to Transport and back by Neuve Eglise. We are on N.E. [Neuve Eglise]—Bailleul Road, about a mile from former. Pratt came over in the afternoon; very cheery—full of bukh. Bowen, Commanding Y.C.V.’s [14th Royal Irish Rifles] has gone home sick. Hooper and I were really rather clever though roused at 3.00 a.m. in the dark and with only 15 men to pack up; everything was brought out, and I lost nothing, not even pipe cleaner, which was hanging up on the wall. Wednesday was a horrid day. Couldn’t shave or wash till evening, and then was too tired. We were quite cut off for some time by daylight—I mean except movement over the lid.

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