The Thornton Trench Coat

The Thornton Trench Coat

Quiet night, and clear. Raining heavily this morning. River very high. Such rain all day! The stream has again risen and we are nearly isolated. About four feet of water in every trench. Duck boards floating about, and movement about anywhere, either to front line or back, is hazardous. Hooper just come in with the rations and has been up to his waist. If it continues raining as it is now I wonder what the morning will bring forth. A quiet day, thank goodness. What must it be like on the Somme! New Thornton coat and long gum boots kept me quite dry in spite of rain and flood.

9.30 p.m. Stopped raining, thank goodness, but the floods are bad. The small pond outside has grown into a lake and all the duck boards are afloat. The trenches are four feet deep in water. However, if it only doesn’t rain I fancy it will go down, but a pleasant prospect for the winter. We have pumps going to keep the water out of the Elephant, which is below level of pond.

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