I had to leave off last night to go up to the front line, and was late getting back. Quiet night. Whizz-Bangs coming over occasionally this morning. Fine, warm damp day, but sunny. The roll call for July 1st is not feasible; it really never took place. Coys at 6’s and 7’s, and it was only after a day or two we found out who was missing, then there were people away on courses, transport, etc. The Bosche threw stuff about all over the place today from about 7.00 a.m. till 3.00 p.m. getting a direct hit on the trench, but no casualty. He was very busy with 77mm and 4.2’s. We dosed him back with T.M.’s (and he never gave us one), Hows, etc. Wind got up and raining now.

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