Relief went off all right, and we had no casualties during the whole tour, notwithstanding a good deal of shelling. Draft of 54 arrived last night, and 30 more on the way, I hear. Worst class of day, rain and wind. Owing to Hun raid on Channel no letters yesterday. Yes, the place behind is well in rear of our guns. We have to find 200 men in the 24 hours for working parties. B_____ our Medico [medical officer] gone on leave, and we have a man from Malay States. Seems a nice fellow. Was through the mutiny at Singapore, in February, 1915. We are getting five more men’s huts here, which will make things better. The roads about are awful. I went in nearly to my knees in mud on the ‘road’ about a half a mile from here last night. Trenches are quite dry walking, but the roads! We leave one Coy. in close support. They are quite comfy and like being there. Am going to see them this p.m. Little house, quite cosy.

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