Feeling much better. Charley wants me to go and stay with him for a day or two for a change. Shall see when we go out. Raining again today. Fairly quiet night.

7.00 p.m. Drizzling rain off and on all day. Glad you got dominoes and mouth organs. The 1st Battalion are in the Push and have suffered, I hear, hence their appeal for officers. Capital about amassing more socks. Gum boots are very severe on socks, and I see the men will live in them this winter. Still very quiet so far tonight.


The 1st Battalion—in 10th Brigade, 4th Division—had attacked on the Somme on 12 October during the Battle of Le Transloy. In the three days prior to the attack enemy shellfire caused a number of casualties and the attack itself was defeated by shell and machine-gun fire. The Battalion suffered 385 all ranks killed, wounded and missing; only five company officers remained at duty.

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