A drizzle all night, and still continues. Quiet night and morning. Ate chicken last night—excellent—reheated deliciously. Trenches very wet this morning and pumping going on. A still autumnal morning, rather misty, and steady drizzle.

9.30 p.m. Another quiet day, I’m glad to say, but steady rain all the time, till about 5.00 p.m. I did a good deal of pedestrian exercise and tested the new boots in the wet. I find these long evenings I have time to read. Magazines are, I think, the best. I, somehow, don’t fancy novels. We don’t go back this time after all, only R.L. [Red Lodge] again. I’m rather glad for various reasons. The night is clear, so I hope we may be in for more fine weather. They seem to be doing well on the Somme, but Roumanian news is not good.

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