Not so cold. Elephant decidedly warmer than huts. Stove going well. Went round the line at 6.00 a.m. Rain and T.M.’s [trench mortars] have played havoc with it. Much has to be done. Unluckily we are just 50 weaker than last time owing to casualties and many going sick. Today another sunny day, with fog at times. We have a tame magpie here now. (Downs [13th Royal Irish Rifles] discovered it), and it hops about and feeds out of the hand. Every man has come in with a muffler, one pair mitts, three pairs socks, and a pair long gum boots. Gas wind still on order, though the wind has gone S. [south] Elephant has been patched where it was hit. Very peaceful night and day so far. Not a shot or sound to be heard. They will wake up in p.m., I expect. We had a regular change round this relief, Downs going back and 11th [Royal Irish Rifles] to R.L. [Red Lodge] Quite a peaceful sunny day, warm. Spent it hodding round settling what to tackle in way of repairs. Much milder; hope it doesn’t mean rain. The leaves still hang on hedges, which is a blessing, as it saves screening, which is a lengthy job.


Screening involved the erection of hessian cover-from-view screens to prevent the enemy seeing into trenches and along roads and routes.

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