The Gen. looked in about 2.45 p.m. and ate his sandwiches in Shill’s room, and I went and talked to him. He fears no conscription for Ireland. H.Q. will not send English drafts to us, possibly to force Government hand about conscription. Anyway the outlook is bad for us. They propose various schemes. Two cooks were wounded by a chance shell yesterday. Poor Buchanan has lost his eye, and may have his brain injured. Kiely hit in arms and legs. Miles, slight in thumb. Bosche heavy T.M. more numerous and annoying. They have got at us every day, and we retaliate with T.M.’s and Hows. [howitzers] So far their damage has only been material, but they make a great to-do and mess. Heavy shrapnel they also indulge in. Their M.G. is certainly less violent.

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