Sergeant R J Wolfe MM

Sergeant R J Wolfe MM

Lieutenant Colonel Blacker was at home in Ireland on leave until 7 October. In the line the first couple of days of October were quiet but about 11.30 p.m. on the night of 3 October men were seen in front of a forward listening post commanded by Lance Sergeant Dick Wolfe. They began to cut the wire and the sentry on duty reported this to Lance Sergeant Wolfe who crawled out to verify the report. He confirmed that enemy were cutting the wire, returned to the listening post and sent his men back to the main trench. He threw bombs at the enemy, who retaliated in the same fashion, and then returned to the trench for more bombs. With these he returned to the listening post and threw them at the enemy, then returned to the main trench and directed the fire of a Lewis gun, successfully driving off the attackers. For his gallantry he would be awarded the Military Medal. The Battalion returned to Red Lodge on the night of 4 October, where Lieutenant Colonel Blacker joined his men in the early hours of 7 October.

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