Pratt writes very cheerily, greatly bucked over his fellows and raid. Killed 33, and one prisoner. Not withstanding the weather we have done some good work this tour. Padre gave us turbot and chicken last night! We go out tonight. The strafe has died down. The Bosche has hardly replied as yet. He got a rare tickling up, and most of his work for the past months must be upset badly.


In his history of 36th (Ulster) Division, Cyril Falls described the raid by 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers: ‘…opposite Kruisstraat Cabaret, the British lines jutted out into a work known as the “Bull Ring,” which commanded some relatively high ground, about seventy yards from the enemy’s trench. The raid was just north of this work, on an enemy trench almost on the same longitudinal line, yet a machine-gun was able to fire from the “Bull Ring” two thousand rounds on the enemy’s trenches, while the “box” barrage of the Artillery was put round the raiding party, and no shell came near it. Over thirty Germans were estimated to have been killed, unfortunately, the Inniskillings, besides ten wounded, had three wounded and missing. One prisoner was taken as an identification.’

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