Here we are at the Stinking Farm again. Quiet relief, all over 9.10 p.m. Fine night. I think being away from the Battalion has done the men good, and made them appreciate the Battalion, especially the messing. Hodded all around this a.m. and found my interest was keen.

The day was lovely, which had something to say for it. Worked out what each company was to do before we came in, and everything is now going ahead. About midnight a heavy bombardment woke us up, but on going outside I found it was N. of us. Lasted over an hour and was mingled with rifle and M.G. fire. Don’t know what it was. Pratt’s push did a raid two nights ago. Got one prisoner, I hear. I am in the Elephant this tour, very nice, but of course dark in the day time, but less exposed to the elements. Place still living up to its name. Duke has left a bottle of Eau de Cologne for H.Q. to be handed over as a trench store.

Sunday; thank goodness we have a rest from Generals and other inflictions. They are pushing well on the Somme. Please send out mufflers, gloves, etc. You have also 400 pair of socks. Weather very cold at nights. Razors also wanted. We have about 400 men in the trench line.

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