Much Art’y noise last night. Big things going on S. [south i.e. in the Somme battle] Am going into the Elephant myself this time. Another of the 22—making 16—returned today [from 2nd Royal Irish Rifles]. Had a bukh with de Wiart today. Such a nice fellow. His wife is an Austrian, big bug, I think. She was in Austria till July 10th and came to England via Berlin. Most interesting. As we were in the line last Sunday and shall be again tomorrow we had service this p.m. Padre giving us great diet, fish and fresh vegetables, and all with messing cheaper.

The three huts I agitated for last time are finished and occupied. Now we concentrate on mess hut, partition it, line it, repair roof and sides and floor, put in stove, also go on repairing men’s huts, and making paths. A little rain in the night, fine today, but N. wind and decidedly autumnal. I sent you yesterday my Battalion Orders on Cather. My leave went in yesterday. Barring accidents, should be all right.

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