Poor George Robinson, buried this morn at 8.00 a.m. Padre and Stronge went eight miles! Glos. Regt. here now, went in to see them, and found Charlie Harding a Major in them; just the same. They are commanded by Carton de Wiart, who has just got the V.C. Only one arm and one eye. Was in 4th D.G’s. [Dragoon Guards] Quite young, and seemed a very nice fellow. Div. band played here today. Rained, unfortunately, at intervals. We are always changing various huts and shelters with other Divs, rather a bother. Some silly reason evolved by a bloke in an office, who thinks maps would look well with a straight line of demarcation. Came fussing round about it today, but I was rude and told him it was easy to be generous at other people’s expense. Jeffreys, who is a Guardsman, commands this next Bde. They like him. Each morning I get one company, as strong as possible (about 80) and get the Subs [subalterns] out to drill. Capital for them, and the men. They so soon get into slovenly ways in the trenches, and here we cannot get any Battalion drill.


17944 Corporal George Robinson, Battalion Transport, was wounded on 6 September and died of wounds on 12 September 1916; Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension.

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